Cat's Way Aloe Vera
Extra Scented Granules

Cat's Way Aloe Vera

In addition to the well-known clumping performance, odor control and liquid absorption capacity of Cat's Way Cat Litter
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  • High Apsorption

    High Apsorption

    The high absorbency formula is fragrance-free and super absorbent
  • Odour Lock

    Odour Lock

    Low-dust content formula, does not track
  • Strong Clumping

    Strong Clumping

    Fast, high performance clumping
  • %99.5 Dust Free

    %99.5 Dust Free

    With 99.5% dust free feature
  • Aloe Vera Scented

    Aloe Vera Scented

    Sanicat 7 Days with Aloe Vera with air freshener effect.
We can create your private label brand together, in accordance with granule size , the type of packaging, the fragrance and colored granules and the delivery term you prefer..