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About Us

Our Cat litter products are produced from the Bentonite minerals which are obtained from the mineral activities in the natura by considering environmental factors.
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    Naturally Perfect Cat Litter
About Us

In the light of our 15 years experience in bentonite mining and cat litter production, we have made a decision to create the best cat litter brand ever. While using this ambitious sentence, we did not give priority to issues such as only product and packaging quality. We have identified the most sensitive issues that we consider to be more important, such as being friends before becoming a customer, empathy before making a sale, and providing customer satisfaction at every stage and under all conditions as the first article of our constitution. We didn’t just write it on paper, we believed it with all our hearts. What could have been more natural than having our own brand after 15 years of experience and being a bit pretentious? 

Today, as Mcl bentonite, we have an annual capacity of 60.000 tons of cat litter packaging capacity with 3 vertical fully automatic and 2 horizontal semi-automatic packaging lines in 4000 m2 closed area.

Within this framework, we are ready to be your business partner with our environment-conscious, innovative, customer-oriented company vision and experienced team.  

  • Mcl Support
    Contact support 24/7, whether you’re troubleshooting issues or looking for business advice.
  • Customer Orientation
    To carry out R & D studies in every sense in response to the changing and developing needs of our customers.
  • Sustainable Innovation
    To measure, develop and improve the compatibility of all our processes and To continuously improve our Quality Management System.
We can create your private label brand together, in accordance with granule size , the type of packaging, the fragrance and colored granules and the delivery term you prefer..