Mcl Bentonite - Cat Litter

Our Vision

Our Cat litter products are produced from the Bentonite minerals which are obtained from the mineral activities in the natura by considering environmental factors.
  • Mcl Bentonite
  • Cat Litter
    Naturally Perfect Cat Litter
Our Vision

Our basic vision is to use our resources effectively, to provide high quality and sustainable production with minimum cost, to be a company that is open to innovations and developments, that prioritizes customer satisfaction and contributes to the national economy.

  • Mcl Support
    Contact support 24/7, whether you’re troubleshooting issues or looking for business advice.
  • Customer Orientation
    To carry out R & D studies in every sense in response to the changing and developing needs of our customers.
  • Sustainable Innovation
    To measure, develop and improve the compatibility of all our processes and To continuously improve our Quality Management System.
We can create your private label brand together, in accordance with granule size , the type of packaging, the fragrance and colored granules and the delivery term you prefer..