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Our Cat litter  products are produced from the Bentonite minerals which are obtained from the mineral activities in the natura by considering environmental factors. Cat Litter products, which are produced from the bentonite are 100% natural and has min. 60%  natural odor control power. In addition, high temperature heat treatment system during the  production allows the product to become more hygienic.

In our production, we produce different granular size of cat litter. Even the additives which may used for product diversification, are totally organic and natural materials. In this way, we protect natural gift of bentonite minerals. 

We use white calcium bentonite and natural sodium grey bentonite  for  production of our cat litter products. Especially for  natural sodium grey bentonite, natural odor control level reaches up to 90%.

In addition, we add different perfumes and colored particles to our products and offer our customers a variety of fragrance and product options within different packaging solutions. 

As MCL Bentonit, our aim is to provide a more comfortable and hygienic environmentally friendly products for our cat-loving friends and cats. For this purpose, we produce the best quality raw material for you.